High Pressure Tanning

Stand-up Tanning Booth, Entropy 10 Minutes Max

Our High Pressure Stand-up Tanning Booth is INCREDIBLE! It tans you 360 degrees around and even has an area for your hands to keep them up so you don't miss any areas under your arm.

High Pressure tanning essentially means that the device contains more UVA than UVB rays which also is less likely to burn you since it contains less UVB rays.

Get a gorgeous tan in just 3 sessions and a tan that lasts much longer than a tan from a regular (low pressure) tanning bed/booth.

Tanning lotion is not required, but is highly recommended. While we do not allow the use of certain products in our beds, we do offer tanning lotion for purchase. Without using a lotion specifically formulated for tanning, your body can actually deflect the rays instead of absorbing them, leaving you with less of a tan had you used a proper tanning lotion.

Wisconsin State Law requires 24 hours between each tanning session as well as proper eyewear.